What is "Intro to Pole and Aerial?"

A 6 week series, designed around the new beginner, to help you become familiar with the basics of pole dance fitness and lyra (aka: aerial hoop) in a comfortable environment. This class introduces basic moves, spins, and floor work necessary to progress confidently to the Beginner Series and is ONLY intended for clients who have never taken a pole or lyra fitness course before.  

I have NO upper body strength.

That's ok, many women, regardless of fitness level have this concern.  Our classes will address this issue and over time, you will notice your arms and shoulders gaining strength, as well as greater definition in these areas and the back.  Except for Body Build, none of our classes "target" the upper body.  The nature of Pole Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Lyra, and even Polga will systemically build your upper body, as you advance.  Self set goals in our classes lead to greater upper body strength, AND you will have the added bonus of having an incredibly fun time while doing so!

Can I come watch a session to see if I will like it?

Sorry, no.  Many of the ladies who come to the studio do so because of the private atmosphere we provide.  If you would like to try a class, you may do so, as a participating guest of a member, for free, one time.  You MUST create an account and register for the class, with a member, to take advantage of this offer.  Please ask your friend for details.

Are the Private Party Packages for mens' entertainment?  Can we book a dancer for a bachelor party?

NO.  Our Party Packages are for women who are looking for a unique, silly, fun, sexy night out with friends to celebrate an event or just because they can.  They will leave the studio with great memories and a sexy little dance routine to share with friends, if they should choose to do so.

I'm not sure I'm in shape enough for pole.

We hear this alot!  Believe me, you probably aren't.  But, then again, NO ONE is when they first start.  Pole is unlike any other fitness regimen.  We all start at the same level and increase from there.  We have ladies of all ages, shapes, sizes, and fitness level walk through our studio doors.  Even those with a background in fitness will feel awkward and a little shy or embarrassed to begin with.  We cater to all ladies!   We welcome you and hope you will come to feel confident, sexy, and fit as you begin your pole and aerial fitness journey with us!!

Are you guys stripping?

NO  We have a minimum clothing requirement for classes and it does not include the birthday suit.

What should I wear to class?

Everyone gradually develops their own style and apparel fitness comfort level.  To begin,though, many find it easiest to wear basic gym shorts or yoga capris and a t-shirt or tank top.  Most students come to class in flip flops.  Like Yoga and PiYo, Pole fitness and dance is performed barefoot.  You will find Lyra and Aerial Yoga most comfortable in yoga capris and a tank or tshirt, as well.  Leg protection is important in these fitness classes.  Pole Fit shorts and tops are the least amount of clothing accepted at NWA Pole and Aerial, for health and insurance purposes.  Exercise and dancing in underwear or less is not acceptable at our studio.

What are the weight limits on your equipment?

Our poles are rated for up to 350 lbs. our hammocks for up to 400 lbs. and our lyra can support well over 1000 lbs.  However, for the safety of all students and our instructors, we must limit participants to 250lbs.  We offer a small, intimate environment with a low teacher/student ratio, meant to be inclusive of all women of varying fitness levels, so come get fit with us and have an amazingly fun time while doing it!

My friend is uncomfortable going by herself, but I don't want to participate.  Can I accompany her as an observer, only?

Sorry, again, no.  For the same reasons as stated above.  Our members enjoy our studio for the private, safe atmosphere it affords.  Having anyone "observe" or sit without participating would make many of them uncomfortable.  For that reason, you MUST be a paying participant to be allowed in the studio, during class sessions.