Covid - 19 update

For the sake of all our students/clients and staff, we will be instigating a "no out of town" visitors policy throughout the month of March.  For our current students and staff, please, if you have travelled out of state or anywhere within the state, known to have an active case of Covid-19, do not come to classes through the rest of March.  In addition, our Kidz room will be closed for the rest of the month.  Please make other arrangements for your children.

We will be offering a limited class schedule.  Please see the new schedule, starting Monday, March 16.  With the exception of Friday 11:30am Lyra and Saturday morning classes, all a.m. classes are suspended until the end of the month. All Intro level classes are suspended until the end of March.  We will re-evaluate at that time.

We have expecting mamas, older students, and those with underlying health issues we must think of.  This WILL pass and we will be ok, but until then, we all have to do our part and look out for each other.  Thankyou for understanding.  Stay healthy, stay strong, Bentonville.  

- NWA Pole and Aerial management