"Pole is such a wonderful upper body workout. I began in February 2015. After only three months of Pole, I purchased a brand new jar of jelly AND opened it all by myself! I've always wanted to do that! 'Kind of a silly story, but really. I've always wanted to open jars all by myself!!" - Marci

Come be a part of something special...

The atmosphere here is exactly what I was looking for! I have always dealt with insecurities when I went to any other studio to try polga. It looked like so much fun but I was intimidated by the stereotypical skinny-minnies dancing on a pole. I was referred to this studio and the drive over is so worth my time. If my noodle arms can't handle a pose the instructors are always accommodating and show me ways how to work up to my goals. Everyone in the studio is positive and encouraging! I am always asking for pictures to show everybody how much fun I am having! It is one of the highlights of my week! - Mariah

"People ask me why I spend $100 a month to drive to the north side of Bentonville to Work out when I can pay $40 a month and drive 2 miles. Well they give me what I need. Upper body strength, core strength, teaching me to trust myself, but most of all I have a team. I'm not by myself. I have a group of ladies that push me and want me to grow! They are happy that I achieved more than I did before. They are supportive. Most of all I enjoy it. I would rather pay more doing something I love than pay less to be alone." - Natalie

I love the enthusiasm and support everyone has shown me.  Your group of ladies are great! - Pat

" I can not adequately express how much ‪#‎polefit‬ and ‪#‎aerialyoga‬ have benefitted both my body and soul...how much this incredible community of humans, along with my amazing family and friends, have helped me flourish and change for the better. I'm down 40lbs and watching myself transform, daily. I am eternally grateful for each and every one. To the moon." - Amanda

"Hello obliques!  Talk about a deep deep stretch.  Jennifer did an amazing job leading the class to go further in their stretching, balancing with core training.  All of the move I did today will help me in gaining the strength, confidence and trust my own body to do more advanced moves on pole!  Thanks, Jennifer.  Can't wait for next class.

PS...another reason why to join NWA Pole, lost a total of 10 lbs of fat and gained muscle." - Veronica