Aerial yoga incorporates suspended single point hammocks and physical resistance to improve balance, focus, and muscle tone.  the gravitational benefits of inversion include spinal realignment and increased blood flow. Although not necessary, a familiarity of traditional yoga is beneficial.

Pole fitness combines  physical resistance training with the beauty of dance, utilizing a vertical pole.  A complete workout, it increases the heart rate, builds muscle, and trims fat, leading to a leaner, toned physique, upper body strength and a strong core.  We offer beginner to advanced classes, as well as routine and combo classes to help you learn your best pole fit style.

Polga focuses on balance and flexibility.  This low intensity workout uses the vertical pole to correct alignment and deepen stretches, as well as give support for handstands and splits.  It is an excellent cross training regimen for pole fitness.

Body Build uses free weights to build and tone muscle.  Set to the beat of music, each song targets a different muscle group in the body.  By the end of the hour, the entire body has received a beneficial, toning workout.  The results are a more toned, flexible physique, as well as stronger stamina.

Please register online and sign up for classes.  Drop ins can be difficult to accommodate.  

Lyrais a suspended, circular steel ring, resembling a hula hoop.  In this class you will learn static, spinning, and swinging aerial acrobatics.  Lyra is beneficial for increasing core and upper body strength as well as over all toning, endurance, and balance conditioning.

For the comfort of our clients, only paid members, pre arranged paid guests of members and paying clients are allowed in the studio during class session times.